Community Services

“We enable you to live independently longer”

Christian Homes Tasmania’s division of Community Services provide a range of support programs to assist you to live at home longer.

As a not-for-profit organisation, our focus is to offer you high quality, reliable care provided by a team of support staff who are committed to working in their own local community.

CHTInc. provide specialised home care and support services to help you stay as independent as possible in your own home. We recognise that looking after yourself as you become older can become difficult, especially with the many tasks that require attention around the home and keeping yourself healthy too. This is when Christian Homes Tasmania’s Community Services can provide the additional help and support you may need.

The Community Services team at CHTInc. can assist you with a range of home and community care services from minimal assistance such as extra help with personal care, household chores, meals and shopping through to more complex care support needs from our Nursing and Allied Health staff.

In addition to the current range of home care programs on offer, CHTInc has introduced their Wellness Programs aimed at maintaining and improving your health and wellbeing whilst helping you to stay in your own home.  

Wellness Programs

The Health and Wellbeing program commences with an individual assessment and consultation to develop a personalised health and wellness plan that is regularly checked and updated as your needs change.

Our experienced Physiotherapist can conduct an assessment and work with you to develop a support program aimed at optimising your mobility and independence. This could involve a personalised exercise program, advice on use of aids or equipment in order to help you ‘stay on your feet’.

Nutritional Wellness Program

The Community Services team works with a professional dietician to understand your likes and dislikes with nutritional preferences. With your assistance a dietician develops support plans to guide staff with shopping and food preparation for your optimal health.

Activities and Events

We all know the importance of staying connected to friends, families and our local community. Our Events and Marketing Coordinator organises group outings and identifies local resources to help you socialise with old and new friends and engage in the activities you love and enjoy.  

Schedule of Fees

Christian Homes Tasmania Inc. (CHT) wishes for you to have maximum funds available in your package to cover the services and products you require and we will work with you and /or your representative to get you the most out of your funds. We focus on supporting your health, well-being and independence by providing you services from basic gardening, domestic assistance, showering and transport to and from appointments and shopping through to the more complex support services such as nursing and allied health. Detailed below is the “how much” and “what for” CHT Inc. will retain from your monthly government subsidy to deliver your care package. Package management is the ongoing administration and organisational activities associated with ensuring the smooth delivery and management of your package. CHT deduct travel time from your package. Travel is calculated as per the relevant fees for the services being provided.  

Home Care Pricing Schedule

Funding Support

If you are accessing Government funded aged care services for the first time, you will need to be registered and assessed to determine your level of care needs. Contact My Aged Care via the contact centre on 1800 200 422 or visit the website 

If you need assistance with this registration our Events and Marketing Coordinator can also help you understand the eligibility criteria and the Australian government assessment processes.

Contact our friendly staff today to learn more.

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