Hear from our residents


“We had thirty years on acreage. I’m visually impaired and it was becoming obvious that my husband was going to have to do everything. Friends of ours had moved into a retirement village, so we came to have a look and thought “why not?” We’ve been here almost five years.It’s quiet, the neighbours are wonderful. We can sit and have happy hour and watch the sunset on the mountain. We keep the garden and grow a few vegies and our ornamental trees – but we don’t have to cut the grass! It gives you the opportunity to just lock your door and go away. There are always people around if you need help. It’s just so easy, everything’s level. It’s fantastic, it really is.

It’s just a magic environment. I think we’re lucky that we chose the best.Pat, Resident

Christian Homes Retirement Villages offer simplified living. Imagine a life doing more of what you love – and less of what you don’t! Come for a tour and picture yourself joining our community of satisfied residents.


“The houses are too good to be called flats – I prefer to use the word “chalet”. They’re a good size, and well equipped. We feel very secure here, we sleep with the front door open and just the safety door locked on hot nights. It’s a very economical form of accommodation. The service is good, good neighbours and it’s well lit up at night. It’s an advantage to be adjacent to the residential hostels too. There are lots of activities going on there and we’re welcome to join in.I think it follows to say that we both love living here.John, Resident

“I thought retirement villages were the pits, that’s until I met John, who already lived here. I was surprised. It’s so spacious and well appointed. I’m a member of the auxiliary and we often say to each other“This is a retirement village, but we’re never home!” because we’re in community activities. John goes to the gym, I volunteer as a gardener. It’s nice to be neighbourly without invading people’s privacy. It’s nice when we go away, knowing that our neighbours have an eye on the place. We’re just really pleased that we’re here.” Ellie, Resident

You’ll be surprised by the opportunities for privacy, companionship and ease that Retirement Village  living presents. Come for a visit and see why Pat, John and Ellie are so pleased that they made the move to Christian Homes. Find out more about the six great locations in Southern Tasmania.

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