Snug Village Accommodation Pricing

10A Torpy Avenue, Snug

Roomy Type: Standard Single Room with Private En Suite

Residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by a refundable deposit, a daily payment, or a combination of both. A refundable deposit is paid as a lump sum amount. A daily payment accrues daily and is paid periodically, for example fortnightly. A combination payment includes both a partial lump sum and daily payments. Here is the maximum amount that a resident would be charged for a room:

Maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD): $400,000.00

Maximum Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP): $44.27

Example of payments, based on a combination of 50% refundable deposit and 50% daily payment :

Refundable deposit = $200,000.00

Daily payment = $22.13

Snug Village provides high quality aged care accommodation for 62 residents (including 1 respite room) in a residential setting close to shops and the beach.

Every resident has their own room of approximately 20 sqm as well as a private en-suite. The rooms are carpeted, painted walls, window furnishings and have external views. Snug Village is fully air conditioned with individual room controls. All rooms have good lighting including natural light through generous windows.

Residents are able to make their room more familiar by including some of their own possessions from home; furniture, paintings, ornaments etc.

Separate tea making facilities are located close to all rooms and four separate carpeted lounge areas are located across the facility. The lounge areas vary in size with Faith wing being 27sqm, Grace wing is 30 sqm, Eden Wing is 41 sqm and the central lounge area is 48 sqm.  The garden outlooks create a peaceful space to relax, read a book or meet with family and friends.

Regular religious services are conducted by our full-time Chaplain.

Dining rooms are located in convenient locations with the central dining area (48 sqm) overlooking gardens. All meals are cooked and served on site retaining the home cooked meal style. The dining area caters for all residents and is accessible to those who use mobility aids. Carpeted floors and floor to ceiling windows provide a relaxing atmosphere with a pleasant outlook.

Various daily activities are offered in locations within the facility and residents are encouraged to participate in the facility community to the extent they feel comfortable.

Gardens, a bar-b-que area and walks to the beach provide interesting outdoor activity opportunities for those who are interested.

Snug Village has access to buses enabling us to provide outings for residents to a variety of locations of interest.

Snug Village has a hair salon with a visiting hairdresser, a kiosk run by volunteers as well as visiting health professionals, for example: optometry, dental, podiatry and audiology. Residents can have in room telephone service and television at their own cost.

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